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Joe Miebach
Financial Planning Support Specialist

Joe is a central Illinois native who grew up in close proximity to Champaign-Urbana. He earned an Associate’s degree at Parkland College and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting through Colorado State University’s Global Campus. Joe is currently working towards his Certified Financial Planner designation. 

Joe’s past work experience includes customer service, human resources, and accounting. Through this range of experience Joe has seen both the human as well as the numbers side of business operations. He has been inspired by organizations that operate beyond the bottom line and believes that a business’s highest priority should be the people and community it serves.

Joe became part of the Bluestem team in early 2017 and through his work is able to fulfill his passion of serving clients in meaningful ways. Joe’s role as the Financial Planning Support Specialist is to assist the advisors and operations of the firm, ultimately helping Bluestem provide the best and most timely service to its clients. 

Joe lives in Urbana with his wife Rachel and his daughter Sophia. He loves spending time with family and practicing various hobbies including: playing music, painting, writing, and cooking. He is also an avid reader, and his idea of a fun evening is a game night with family or friends. For more information visit Joe’s Linkedin page.