Holistic Financial Services

Bluestem Financial Advisors is a comprehensive, fee-only personal financial planning firm. Our mission is to serve as your trusted advisor to help you make smart choices about money – choices that lead to peace of mind and financial independence.


We believe your financial plan needs to be tailored to you. This means seeing the big picture and ensuring that your financial life is working in harmony with your goals and dreams. We start by getting to know you and take into account all areas of your financial life as we craft your plan. Learn more about our Integrated Approach.


Being a Fiduciary means we are committed to always putting your best interest first. We choose to operate under a Fee-Only model, meaning we are only compensated by you. No Product Sales. No Commissions. We believe this provides you with the most objective advice possible. Learn more about our Fee Structure.


client centered

  Financial Planning is an ongoing process, not a one time event. Our first year is focused on getting to know you and your goals while developing and implementing your plan together. Life does not always happen on schedule, so we have designed our services to be available whenever you need us. Learn more about the Clients We Work With.